Required Information

  1. All products listed for sale on the Gfresh platform must include the following information regarding the products':
  • English and Latin names
  • Catch area
  • Grades and sizes
  • Packing method
  • At least 3 high quality pictures and/or videos of the product for marketing purposes

2. When all information is provided to Gfresh, the Seller's new product list will go online within 48 hours.

Credit claim policies:

  1. Sellers must also indicate credit claim policies for each product type they list on Gfresh, including the mortality, shrinkage, and damaged product allowance rates.
  2. Gfresh sets default rates for each type of credit policy. Sellers must maintain these rates as a minimum. However, they are free to adjust the allowance rates upwards.
  3. The credit claim policies set by each Seller are displayed on the Seller's product listing page for Buyers to see.


  1. Gfresh inspects all goods as part of its order fulfilment service inline with the seafood inspection guidelines for each type of product.
  2. Upon inspection, if the products are certified by Gfresh inspectors so that a credit claim policy is triggered, then the Seller must make a credit note according to the following policies:
  • Mortality: if the actual mortality rate on arrival exceeds the Seller's specified mortality allowance rate, then the Seller must credit the Buyer an amount based on the formula: 50% of CNF value of the actual mortalities in excess of the Seller's mortality allowance rate.
  • Shrinkage: if the actual weight on arrival is inspected to be less than the weight allowed by the Seller's specified shrinkage allowance rate, then the formula for a shrinkage claim is calculated based on: (Actual shrinkage rate, Shrinkage allowance rate) * CNF price * (100% + Customs tax + VAT + 4.5%).
  • Spoiled/Rotten Products: if products on arrival are spoiled/rotten in an amount exceeding the Seller's spoiled/rotten product allowance rate, then the Seller must credit the Buyer an amount based on the formula: Total CNF Value + Customs Tax + VAT + 4.5%.
  • See Appendix for more information on specific products.

Auction times:

  • Live/fresh products are place on auction daily at a set Beijing time.
  • Frozen products do not have a set auction time.
  • Products that are not submitted in time to meet the set listing times may still be placed online via the Gfresh 'Dutch style' auction system. The Seller must fulfil orders from auction at the price and volume that the auction dictates.
  • See Appendix for more information on specific products.
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