Inspection Standards

Gfresh stands to equally protect the interests of Buyers and Sellers alike. When it comes to performing inspections of products, we adhere to strict standards. 

If there are cases of mortality, water shrinkage or damaged product, the Seller will be notified via email within 24 hours of the product's arrival. Proof of inspection in the form of video footage and photos will be included, as well as a report detailing the associated claim.
The Seller has 24 hours to indicate acceptance or interest in the dispute (no response will be deemed as a form of acceptance). Claim amounts will be deducted from the payment made for the order.

  1. Gfresh captures inspection video footage and photographs to substantiate any claims made. Below are the guidelines followed:
  • Clearly captured image of the packaging and packer's label.
  • Photos are taken of dead products, measuring scales with an empty container (set to 0) and a clear photo of the final weight on the scale's display when the product is weighed.
  • Video: beginning with a closed box, capturing the packer's label, and continuous filming as the box is opened for the first time, temperature monitor is retrieved (if applicable), net weight taken, product unpacked, and product inspected.
  • If dead products are discovered during the inspection, the animal must be flipped upside down (belly facing up), and scanned over slowly with the video camera.
  • All dead products must be filmed together in a short clip no less than 10 seconds long.

   2. If mortality exceeds the specified default mortality rate, then two Gfresh inspectors are required to sign off on the inspection report.

   3. Gfresh inspectors are permitted to implement sampling in order to determine the quality of an entire shipment. Sampling guidelines depend on the size of the shipment and are as follows:

  • 5 or less boxes: inspect all boxes.
  • More than 5 boxes: inspect 20% of the shipment (a minimum of 5 boxes are inspected, but no more than 10):
  • If mortality exceeds 20% on first sample inspection, products must be reinspected and the sample size will be doubled. § If mortality exceeds 50% on first sample inspection, the entire shipment must be reinspected.
  • Gfresh can provide a fee-for-service to Sellers where inspectors will open more boxes based on the Seller's instruction. Gfresh charges RMB ¥20 per box for this service.
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