Setting Parameters For Order Confirmations

  1. Time settings:
  • Times at which product & pricing expire.
  • Lead times between confirmed order and arrival date.
  • Platform default settings of order cut-off times. 
  • Once the cut-off time arrives, the system will automatically generate all Sellers' purchase orders. Sellers can view their purchase orders and begin to prepare their shipments accordingly. If there are any orders that do not meet the Seller's Minimum Order Quantity, the Seller should notify Gfresh at this time that they will not be fulfilling the order.

Fulfilling An Order

  1. Sellers must fill and ship orders according to the related purchase order.
  2. Sellers must pack standard net weights in accordance with the weights indicated on the relevant pricing quote.
  3. Sellers have the right to refuse any order that does not meet their Minimum Order Quantity.
  4. If the Seller 'short ships' an order (does not fulfill quantities as ordered), the Seller must compensate the Buyer for 5% of the CNF value of goods not shipped. *Extenuating circumstances aside
  5. In the case of a Seller not being able to ship due to logistical issues, the Seller must provide full documented proof of the issue preventing the order from being shipped.
  • If documents of proof cannot be produced within 4 hours following the notification, the Seller must compensate the Buyer 5% of the CNF value of the invoice.

   6. In the event that a Seller over ships an order:

  • The goods in excess will be sold at market until 12.00 PM on the day of their arrival.
  • Any goods unsold after that time will be sold at auction.
  • The starting auction price will be set as the Seller's quoted price + customs declaration costs + logistical costs.
  • If the final auction price is not enough to off-set the declaration and logistical costs, the difference will be deducted from the related invoice's payment.
  • Any profit generated at auction above the quoted price will be surrendered to Gfresh.

  7. Sellers must number each box in correspondence with the relevant packing sheet, including the size of the product. Gfresh will allocate the products randomly. The Seller is not permitted to allocate a specific box to a designated Buyer.

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