Customs Clearance Delays

  1. Gfresh customs clearance and logistical services guarantee delivery times depending on the delivery's location within a certain radius of the port of arrival:
  • If within a 100 km radius, delivery will be within 7 hours.
  • For every additional 100 km in delivery radius, there is an additional 2 hours delivery time.

   2. Customs offices open at 8:30AM (Shanghai time). For flights arriving before this time, delivery times will be calculated using 8:30AM as the start time.

   3. Delays due to natural forces, bad weather or traffic patterns may occur and Gfresh will not be held responsible for deliveries made outside of guaranteed timeframes caused by these external factors.

   4. If delays occur during customs inspections, delivery times will be extended by 2 hours.

   5. If Gfresh is responsible for delays in clearing customs and the delivery process, Gfresh will compensate the Seller US $5.00 per box per hour delayed.

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