Policies Related To Documents For Clearing Customs

  1. Sellers must provide Gfresh with the following documents within 4 hours of shipping an order:
  • Air Waybill
  • Health Certificate / Certificate of Origin
  • Packing List
  • Invoice
  • Signed Contract
  • Special Circumstances

   2. If the Shipper is not the Seller indicated on the contract, then there must be supplemental documentation indicating who the Shipper is, the relationship between the Shipper and Seller, and a note regarding the relationship made on the invoice.

   3. The weight displayed on a Health Certificate can be more than what is shown on the related invoice, but never less than what is shown on the invoice.

   4. Actual quantities shipped may be more than what is indicated on the related contract, but never less than what is indicated on the contract.

   5. If a Seller is unable to provide the above documentation in a valid format, within the time frames indicated, Gfresh will not be held responsible for customs clearance, unless Gfresh has made an agreement with the Seller to receive supplemental documentation after the fact.

   6. Fines for delayed documentation (from ETA):

  • 1-7 days / No penalty
  • 8-13 days / US$50
  • 14-20 days / US $100
  • 21-27 days/ US $150
  • A penalty of US $50 will be incurred for every additional 7 day period of lateness.

   7. Payment for related invoices will be held until final documentation is received.

   8. If the documentation cannot be produced, the Seller will be penalized US $2000, which will be deducted from their payment for goods sold.

   9. The original Health Certificate should be placed with documents to accompany the shipment. If this is not possible, then the original Health Certificate should be placed into one of the boxes, marked indicating as such, and a photo taken and sent to Gfresh showing what number box contains the documentation. Failing to do so will result in a 'searching fee' of US $100 per document assessed.

   10. In order to provide unparalleled service in delivering perishable products globally and in a timely manner, Gfresh has created a timetable indicating specific time requirements for the preparation of customs documents based on particular flight details.

   11. Certificates of Origin must be produced in accordance with Chinese Customs requirements. If the documentation is not produced accordingly, the shipment may be unavailable for retrieval from customs and higher tax rates may be applied to the shipment. If this occurs, the additional costs will be taken on by the Shipper.

   12. Gfresh strives to provide both Buyers and Sellers with the most comprehensive services available. In order to do so, shipments must arrive within the time-frame of 5:00 AM â�� 23:00 PM Beijing time. If a shipment arrives outside of this timeframe, there will be an overtime fee of US $100/per invoice assessed.

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