Inspection video

Gfresh has professional teams on the ground dedicated to inspecting and filming goods on arrival, reporting quality and managing claims on every single order.

Each video begins with a closed box, capturing the packer’s label and continuous filming as the box is opened for the first time, temperature monitor is retrieved (if applicable), net weight taken, product unpacked and product inspected. 

If dead product is discovered during the inspection, the animal must be flipped upside down (belly facing up) and scanned over slowly with the video camera.

We make sure each video captures every necessary detail and if there are any parts of the procedures missing from a video, it’s considered an unqualified video.

Inspection reports

Inspection reports are created and checked according to very thorough inspection criteria. For instance, if an order is 5 or less boxes then the whole order needs to be inspected; if it’s more than 5 boxes, then 20% of the order needs to be inspected. 

If mortality rates for any single order exceed the acceptable default rate then two Gfresh inspectors are required to sign off on the inspection and sample size is doubled - that’s just to name a couple of the criteria.

Claims report

If both inspection video and report are up to standard, the claims report is processed and sent via email. All those procedures will be completed and notified to the supplier and buyer within 24 hours of the shipment arrival.

Well documented inspections encourage the supplier to carefully choose the right logistics provider to reduce the mortality and build their reputation. 

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