We use our own escrow system, Gpay, to assure buyers and sellers alike that their interests are equally protected in the cross-border trade process.

Here’s how it works:

1. Buyers purchase seafood

Buyers purchase seafood directly from sellers at the online marketplace

2. Funds are held in escrow

Transactions are consolidated and funds are held in the Seller's Gpay account in escrow

3. Seafood is freighted

The Seller sends their seafood via air freight and provides the Air Waybill Number

4. Seafood is inspected and delivered

Once products arrive, they're inspected, sorted and delivered to their respective buyers

5. Funds are released from escrow

If no mortality claims are made by the Buyers within 24 hours, the funds in escrow are released to the Seller.

Simple, right? It’s our way of guaranteeing that everyone involved in buying and selling seafood around the world can do so securely and fairly.

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